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Ways to Improve the Appearance of Your Bathroom

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Are you thinking of the next home improvement project? You might want to do something about your bathroom this time. You might not spend a long time bathing in this room, but it is the only place where you can be alone and away from everything else. You might want to spend money to make it look better than it does now. These are some tips to help improve the appearance of your bathroom and make it conducive to a relaxing bath.

Start to de-clutter

You might have empty shampoo bottles stuck somewhere in your bathroom. You might also have skin product packages that are under the sink. Picking these items up and removing them from the bathroom could make a significant difference. As you gradually remove the clutter, you will realise that your bathroom is not as terrible as it seems. You can toss out the trash or identify which of the items you can recycle.

Buy new towels

It is an excellent idea to always have fresh towels in your bathroom. Anyone who needs to bathe can use the towels right away. To improve your bathroom’s appearance, you can invest in new white towels. You might also opt for spring colours. Their presence in the bathroom will make the place appear more inviting.

Replace your shower curtains

It might be a long time since you last replaced your shower curtains. They are super affordable, and it is time for an upgrade. Besides, you can now invest in shower curtains that do not take up too much space and allow your bathroom to look spacious. You can also find a lot of trendy options and designs that will match the theme that you have in mind.

Buy vanity furniture

If you want to hide the mess, you can buy vanity furniture. You can keep all your haircare and skincare products inside it. You can even have a makeup kit stored in the furniture. You do not need to head to your bathroom to fix yourself since everything you need is in your storage furniture.

Hang some pieces of art

Your bathroom walls do not need to be empty. You can hang something on the walls to make them look like a living space. Make sure to have them framed to ensure that they remain in excellent condition. You also need to consider the humidity level in the bathroom.

Repaint the walls

It might be time to repaint the bathroom walls and create a fantastic look. You can match the wall paint with the colour of your tiles. Since it is a small space, you do not need to spend a lot on repainting the walls.

Buy a steam shower

It has nothing to do with the appearance, but the primary reason for heading inside the bathroom is to bathe. Therefore, you need to install one of the many modern steam showers available nowadays so that you will have a comfortable shower. You will feel relaxed and start forgetting all the problems you faced during the day. You can find affordable showers that can help ease your problems.

With these changes in your bathroom, you might not recognise the place anymore.


UKAS Accredited Sound Testing

The need to carry out sound insulation testing to assess and report the acoustic performance of dividing partitions between dwellings has become increasingly important in order to demonstrate that a building’s intended performance is achieved when constructed.

Poor design detailing and/or onsite construction can have a significant impact on the overall performance of building elements and the building as a whole. Post completion sound testing provides greater certainty that designed performances are actually being achieved in compliance with Approved Document E.

Precompletion Sound Testing is now an integral part of supporting the completion certificate process throughout the UK and Ireland. In order to ensure that testing is undertaken within a robust regime which controls the reliability of test results, government guidance is in place which describes restrictions on those who should carry out sound testing and reportage.

Approved Document E states a set of sound tests should be carried out for every ten dwellings (houses, flats or rooms for residential purposes). However, if the development has several different construction types, you may need to carry out further tests for each type of construction.

For houses this usually means you are required to undertake 2 airborne wall sound tests (up to 10 houses) to the dividing walls. For flats you will be usually be required to undertake 2 airborne wall, 2 airborne floor and 2 impact floor tests (up to 10 Flats). When we undertake a fee proposal for clients, we always include a full testing schedule so it can be submitted to building control for their approval prior to the test date.  

One of the stipulations of Approved Document E is that the testing company needs to be UKAS accredited, this is covered under the Resistance to the passage of sound: Approved Document E [ADE] it goes on to state that “The person carrying out the building work should arrange for sound insulation testing to be carried out by a test body with appropriate third party accreditation” and is downloadable at:

APT Sound Testing is UKAS accredited to carry out sound insulation testing and is laboratory and as a result our reports will be accepted by building control – here is a link to our UKAS Sound Testing Accreditation:

For future note we are also UKAS accredited to carry out Air Tightness Testing – here is a link to our UKAS Air Tightness Accreditation:

If you would like more information on our sound testing service and/or other services please contact us now at: or visit our website at

Alternately, if you would like more information on how to prepare for your sound insulation testing please download our sound test checklist.

Do you have the air conditioner? Here’s how to save even in summer!

In excessive summer heat there is a remedy and it is called air conditioner, which keeps cool houses and offices brightening the days of those who unfortunately will be forced to stay in the city. But conditioner also means energy consumption, and this means more spending on bills. And so the doubt arises that while refreshing your home, you overheat the bill! Better to run away and take the necessary precautions to enjoy the air conditioning without too much regret.

Choose the right air conditioner

The amount of savings will depend a lot on how much the purchased air conditioner consumes. First of all it is necessary to make a distinction, between air conditioning and air conditioner. Both refrigerate the environment, but what is the difference? The air conditioner is a system for cooling the older environment. It allows the exclusive regulation of the air jet speed but not of the temperature. The air conditioning is an evolved form of the first. It allows to regulate the temperature and to dehumidify the surrounding environment. Some models are able to switch off once the required environmental temperature has been reached.

Do you know split conditioners?

The air conditioners in split are those that are most commonly found on the market and are characterized by an air conditioning system based on a heat pump. Whether it is one or the other, the important thing is to buy one that falls within the energy class A that guarantees a greater efficiency in terms of performance. Even if the cost is higher, the class A air conditioners allow a 30% saving in consumption and therefore a saving in the bill which will quickly absorb the purchase price. In order to know more about Aircon service Geelong, you can always take help from the web portal.

Installation of the air conditioner

The position of the air conditioner is important in terms of energy saving. Unlike what you might think, installing it in the hottest room in your home can be a mistake. The air conditioner, in hot places, needs more energy for the operation and therefore a higher waste. Once identified the most shaded room in which to place the cooling system, it will be necessary to evaluate the size of the same to orientate itself in the choice of the suitable conditioner. Buying one that’s too big for a small room can be a mistake. So you have to adapt the size of the unit to the size of the house. For very small homes portable air conditioners can be a solution, like the Penguin.