The Designing Process with the Perfect Dwelling Design

Residential groups are an alternative form of home or foster care where people with social or physical needs live in a small residential community. This form should help them to lead a life as close as possible family-like, intact lives that are largely self-determined. The head of a housing group assumes the function of the head of the family, who determines the rules and coordinates the coexistence.

Tasks for the leader of a residential group

In assisted living, for example, behavior-sensitive children, underage mothers or senior citizens live together in a completely normal housing unit. Everyday life is organized and guided by the head of the housing group because structure and discipline is important especially for young people. The leader wakes her up, sends her to school and checks her homework. He sets the times when the children have to come home, etc. For other groups, the tasks shift according to the age group and the need for assistance. From the dwellings design group the results come perfect now.

Requirements for the leader of a residential group

In order to be active in the social field, it always needs a corresponding degree and practical experience. Similarly, the leader of a group must have strong nerves and an equally strong hand. Because especially striking young people test their limits. It is therefore particularly important to find the balance between recognition, care and authority. A job seeker must also be aware that he has hardly a regular life.

The day as head of a residential group

In the morning, the head of the residential group comes to the apartment and discusses the day with his protégés. In dementia patients, for example, ways to the doctor or in the therapy needed, or the breakfast must be prepared. Depending on the type of residential group, the director brings the kids to school and then goes shopping or takes care of the day care of the babies of young mothers. In short: the leader of a group of residences does all the duties of a head of the family.

  • The help in the housing groups is based on the joint help planning with parents, child / youth and youth welfare office.
  • The team of a residential group consists of five educational specialists (some with additional training).
  • The team is supported and advised by the division management, by the in-house expert advice and possibly by external supervision. The technical work is continuously developed through internal and external continuing education and training.

The specialist service in the fields of art therapy and school promotion supports the work with the children and adolescents as needed. In addition, we cooperate closely with schools, counseling centers, child and adolescent psychotherapists, specialists and child and adolescent psychiatry. Preparatory for the repatriation may also be a semi-stationary care in individual cases possible.

What advantages housing groups have for people with dementia and staff?

Small facilities are manageable and familiar are not only for dementia sufferers. Residents and staff feel better there. In the January issue, you will find practical tips and examples on how to plan a residential group and how to successfully implement living groups in existing facilities.

The group is the shooting star. However, if you go in search of her, you will have to realize that the term “residential group” also refers to residential or domestic communities – both outpatient and inpatient. Even large living areas (40 residents) are still out as a residential group. Even at country level, the legal requirements for the structural conditions of a residential group are “elastic”.

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